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Reasons Why Shea Butter Should Be Your Best Friend

Cup of shea butter with shea nuts

Originally grown in Ghana and derived from the Shea nut tree, Shea butter has become a growing success around the world. Parts of Shea butter can be found in cosmetic skin preparations; however, Raw Shea butter alone can truly go a long way. Instead of spending huge amounts buying a jar of cosmetic containing 10% (or less) Shea butter, why not buy a kilo of Shea butter and create your own mix? Not only is a kilo of raw Shea butter cheaper, it works more effectively!

The smell alone may be a little off-putting, but if Shea butter is not already a good friend of yours, then I am afraid to say. You really could get lonely.

Here are some reasons why Shea butter rocks:
Healing Qualities: Shea butter Heals blemishes and keeps wrinkles at bay and also cures minor burns and tough skin on feet. It also offers sun and wind protection.

Hair benefits: It can be difficult to find a hair product that works well for Afro/Caribbean hair. Shea butter works as a good hair conditioner, and restores lost hair lustre. Shea butter also eliminates irritation in the scalp.

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Skin Benefits: Natural skin products tend to benefit the skin in comparison to chemically processed products. Shea butter works as a brilliant skin moisturiser. It evens out the skin tone, offers sun and wind protection, and restores elasticity to the skin.

In addition, Shea butter benefits the skin by curing:

  • scars
  • eczema burns
  • rashes
  • acne
  • dry skin
  • blemishes
  • dark spots
  • skin discolorations

Phew! Who would have thought there would be so many benefits in just one small product!?

By Michelle Adepoju

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