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Book: Random Missing Pieces by James Balogun


‘No point looking back on chances that are gone’

Random pieces is a book that tells the story of James Balogun and his struggles through the journey of life. James is a young professional who is a successful Interior Designer that designs for both private and residential clients, as well as commercial businesses. He is the founder and owner of his company known as SENTRIC DESIGNS.

For James, and like most people, life has not been a bed of roses. At the tender age of 5, he lost his mother. As a result, he never had a place to call home as he was constantly passed around to relatives who took advantage of his situation and abused him until he was finally abandoned – in spite of trusting them as people that will protect him. Faced with no one and place to call home as he had been abandoned, James went on to live on the streets of London where he would encounter so many things and learn the tricks of surviving and taking care of himself. Now 32, he is able to share the experience and trauma he went through growing up in England without a family nor a home.

James’ diary entries are in black italic, they have been copied directly from his handwritten records of the events that took place in his life. Only very little amendments were made to it and the action is intentional. By reading through James diary, you will find yourself willing him, championing him to come through, you will also share his emotional roller-coaster. James has allowed you the reader, to come into his world of “Random Missing Pieces!” A world in which many of us will be able to identify with him, even though we have our different journeys of life.

Whether it’s understanding his struggles to preserve his relationships, his passion to make a name for himself as an entrepreneur, or just to be a good father, “Random Missing Pieces” will allow you a moment to forget your own life struggles and see life through the eyes of another struggling person.

‘Is my life perfect? No. I have learned that to wait for the “perfect” moment is a waste of time!’

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Who Is James Balogun?

James Balogun teaches us a powerful lesson through telling his story and that is one of the secret of finding success. His message is: Whatever happens to you in this life, no matter how tough, don’t give up! If you have faced abandonment, rejection, abuse and homelessness, then you will have much to be encouraged by when you realise that you can find those “Random Missing Pieces!”

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