My Experience With Portraits On Demand Picture To Painting
On the left is the original photo, while the one on the right is the hand-painted portrait from Portraits on Demand.

I really┬álove the photo above. But because it was taken with a smartphone, the chances of enlarging it and still have a decent quality was very slim. So, when I received a discount code to order a picture to paintwork from Portraits On Demand I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. Did I hear you say perfect timing? Yes, that was what I thought ­čÖé

The order process with Portraits On Demand was very smooth and up to date. When you make an order, you can upload up to two photos. One of the photos is the one to be painted while the second one (optional) is for the artist to get familiar with the features of the subject to be painted.

Once you upload your photo and finish your order, the artist will go through the picture and make any necessary edits, you’ll then be asked to control and accept it or ask them to make further changes. Once you give your approval, the painting will start.

When the painting is almost ready, Portraits On Demand will send you a digital copy to see how far they have gone, at this point, you are also allowed to make comments on any changes you will like them to make. Once you approve this stage, they’ll complete your work and send you another digital copy of the finished work. If you like the job and approve it, they’ll finish it, leave it to dry and finally ship it to your desired address. They ship worldwide, so, it doesn’t matter where you live.

They have different kinds of painting style to choose from. You can go for Charcoal & Pencil, Oil & Acrylic or Pastel & Watercolor. I went for the Oil & Acrylic because I wanted it to look more like a photograph as I was trying to replicate my low-resolution photo in a big format. Apart from choosing a painting style, you can choose from a variety of sizes as well as frames.

My experience with Portraits On Demand was great. Their customer service and communication were top notch. They take you through the whole process. The painting was also carefully and securely packaged to make sure it does not get damaged while being shipped to you.

Portraits On Demand made to order hand-painted portrait can be used for many reasons. Below are some of them;

1. Bring Life to a Low-res Photo

This is what I did. With many photos being taken with smartphones these days, there are moments you’ll take some very beautiful photos but find out you cannot enlarge them. This is a perfect way to make the photo in whatever style that you choose without losing quality.

2. Paint Pet Portrait

If you own a pet and would love to make a beautiful hand-painted oil portrait from one of its photos, this is the right way to go about it. From dog portraits to cats and landscapes, you can transform some of your most beautiful shots to hand painted portraits. And all of these you can do with the click of a mouse.

3. As A Gift

You can surprise someone with a hand-painted photo from Portraits On Demand. This can be a special photo like a wedding picture, a baby picture or any other special moment.

The Portraits On Demand’s picture to painting concept is simple, you send in a photo of either yourself, pet or any other subject to be used for the oil painting. The photo is then used by their artists and crafted into a stunning painting.

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