If you’ve ever had your water or sewer lines fail, you know the importance of keeping your pipes clean and in good repair. This starts with you and your water habits, because it’s easy to overload a system and take years off its life. You’ll also need preventative maintenance to keep your pipes in working order, because even if you’re careful to use your system properly, leaks and clogs will form naturally over time. These have to be dealt with before they have a chance to cause major damage to your whole system. If you don’t have a plumber, they’re easy to find on websites like SpartanRooter (US), MyBuilder (UK), Germanphc (Germany) or just through the recommendations of your friends.

You can take steps to preserve the life of your water and sewer lines by using them how they were intended to be used. Don’t flush any solids or oil-based products down your drains, since these will either damage the pipes or cling to them and form tough blockages. Even your garbage disposal wasn’t really intended to handle large, solid items. It’s designed more for the scraps on your plate, and if you try to force larger waste down it you may clog or even break it. It’s also up to you to keep an eye out for any leaks or other signs of trouble with your pipes, like odd colors or smells in your water. Wet patches or mold on your walls are a good indication of trouble, and a sign that you should call a plumber immediately.

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Emergency Plumbers

In the case of an emergency, you’ll need plumbing services for your home. Many plumbers can be at your home within a couple of hours. Time is of the essence, since without water it’s impossible to complete many of your daily chores like laundry or making meals. If you have an emergency, shut off the water to that appliance or the entire house. If you don’t, water could overflow the area and cause much more extensive damage that will be far more trouble to clean up. You should also be careful to keep your children and pets out of the area of the leak, especially if there is sewage involved. Once your plumber arrives, he will be able to fix the problem and make sure no other areas in your home were affected.

Preventative Maintenance

Even if you don’t have a plumbing emergency, it’s a good idea to find a local plumber on a website like SpartanRooter or some of the other ones mentioned above. Your choice depends on where you live. You can also ask your friends to recommend any good plumbing services that they have used with positive feedback. Scheduling regular maintenance for your home can prevent many of the problems that cause emergencies in other homes. A plumber can examine your entire system for any clogged areas and clean them out with special equipment. He can also use a camera to scan inside the pipes for leaks and use a simple epoxy coating to cover them up so they don’t have a chance to cause any major damage. These cameras also come in handy if you’ve lost something valuable like a ring down your drain. Other plumbers offer additional services like water heater repairs and maintenance.

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