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Photo Of The Day: Jay-Z, Chris Martin and Timbaland In London Underground

These are photographs of American artists, Jay Z, Timbaland, and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin. Surprised fans were seen screaming as rapper, Jay Z walks through the North Greenwich tube station in London. This was before his Magna Carta Holy Grail gig at the O2 arena on Saturday September 12, 2013. He was in a group with Chris Martin from Coldplay as well as artist ,Timbaland. They had been spotted on the underground and at Waterloo station before their arrival along with an entourage. Also with them was Ty Ty and Atlanta Records executive Michael.

Excited about taking the same , a passenger tweeted with the username, @aminott4 tweeted: “Casually getting on a train with Jay Z, Chris Martin, and Timbaland,” and added a picture of the trio mixing in with the crowds.

AlwaysRocNation – named after Jay Z’s record label – posted: “Jay Z, Chris Martin and Timbaland took the tube to the O2 Arena tonight!,” while Maverick_AC wrote: “It’s cool when JAY Z, Chris Martin and Timbaland get on the tube at Waterloo for tonight’s O2 gig.”


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  1. Nice one! Even though Rihanna and other British prime ministers have been seen doing this a lot. I find it commendable because a lot of rappers are pompous and always flashing money and expensive ride. This shows he is humble and not only a money bag 🙂

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