Today is a very special and memorable day in France as over a million people and dozens of world leaders gather together and march through Paris in a historic display of global defiance against terrorism after the brutal attacks and massacre on a French Satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

The historic Paris Unity March is to honour the victims of the three days terrorist attack that involved the death of some Jews and a Muslim police officer. In total, about 17 people were killed in bloody attacks.

Paris is jammed packed at the moment as citizens and foreign dignitaries from all over the world joins France President Hollande in the Paris unity March to show solidarity to those who died in the three days siege. Dignitaries include world leaders, royalties, ministers, and many more who have come to show solidarity and sympathy to France for what it is going through.

The unity march, led by relatives of the victims of last week’s attacks started from Place de la Republique. In an unprecedented show of unity, world leaders from Britain, Germany, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and dozens more are marching with President Hollande to say no to terrorism and the attack on freedom of speech.

People from all walks of life, culture and religion are seen carrying different signs that include the viral “Je Suis Charlie” – or “I Am Charlie” text while others are carrying other signs reading”I am Jewish, I am Muslim, We are French,” and many more as everyone join to condemn the attack










Victims of the three days attack.


Photos: Heathcliff O’Malley|The Telegraph

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