Not long ago after facing a deadly terrorist attract that took the lives of many, Paris has witnessed another terror attack.

Many people have been killed – while several others have been injured as a result of several shootings and explosions across central Paris today. This is happening less that a year after a similar attack took place at the office of a French cartoon magazine in Paris that all took many lives and a police officer on duty.

Earlier reports claimed about 18 people were dead as a result of the attack. But it looks like the number has now skyrocketed. According to latest reports, over 60 are dead, according to BFMTV. “Hundreds” held hostage in the Bataclan night club. Security forces fear that there are “several hostage takings underway” in Paris, the the UK Telegraph reports.

The Charlie Hebdo attack that took place earlier this year also involved a hostage situation at the magazine office as well as another at a supermarket.

For more details on this news check out this UK Telegraph link that has been updating this page as the deadly event unfolds.

Also follow this CNN link for more news about the attack.

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