• Photo of a woman carrying baby in her handbag causes outrage.
  • Photo is compared to women like Paris Hilton who carry their dogs in designer handbags.

A Chinese mum found it more trendy to carry her baby in her handbag than in a pushchair, or any other baby carrier. not satisfied with just carrying her son in her designer handbag, she went ahead and posted it online.

Since then, the photo has caused outraged as many compares it to women who carry their tiny dogs in their designer handbags like American socialite, Paris Hilton.

The said photo was taken by one of Xue Hsueh friend’s while she was chatting with them. The 26-year-old mum liked it and decided to post it online.

Commenting on how some trendy and modern women are now using their babies as a piece of accessory, a commenter with the username, WuLei34 wrote: “Designer babies, the latest accessory that every woman must have.”

Asking what Xue Hsueh will do if an accident occurs and leads to the breaking of her handbag straps, LucyX wrote: ‘I wonder what she will do when the straps break on her handbag?’

In her defense, Xue said the baby only stayed in her handbag for a very short period and that she was actually trying to make a joke of what it would look like if childcare were to be left in the hands of men.

She says it was clear that her son thought it was fun and was enjoying himself. And she only posted it to raise a smile.

Photo: Europics

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