Optical Illusion: Real or not?


Welcome to the exclusive optical world of afterimages, where infrared images reveal much more. These illusions involve negative colours burning into your retina to reveal colour or black and white images where there is actually a negative image. See the following examples of these collections of optical illusions. Are you ready for the journey?

Optical Illusion: Real or not?

Technology is changing they way we see the world. What we see might be the reality or what we choose to see. That is the power of illusion. The angle we choose to see something from might decide what we see.

Now, follow the instructions below and share what you see.
1. Stare at the red dot on the girl’s nose for about 30 seconds
2. Turn your face towards the wall/roof or a somewhere else on a plain surface
3. Keep blinking your eyes quickly
4. What do you see?

You can do the same for the picture below.

1. In this one, just keep looking at the 3 spot over the nose for 10 sec.
2. Then raise you head to the roof or a blank wall and keep looking for 20 seconds.
3. Share what you see with us








Here is the last one.
Optical Illusion: Real or not? 1. Look at the black and white abstract picture below and
2. Stare at the plus sign in the middle of the picture for 30 seconds or longer.
3. After 30 seconds look away and blink fast repeatedly.
4. Share what you see.

Real or not? Do you believe your eyes? Are they telling you the truth?


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