The advertisement below was posted on Thisday Newspaper on Tuesday the 11th of September 2012.

The advert is a flyer for an Oil and Gas Gala Night that will be taking place on September 29th 2012 and the ticket prices are as follows;

Ticket – N10 Million and £39 275

VIP – N30 Million 117 825

Table – N100 Million 392 750

VIP Table – N300 Million 1 178 250

Let us convert this money to Pound Sterling.

Ticket – £39,275 (Thirty nine thousand, two hundred and seventy five Pounds)

VIP – £117,825 (One hundred and seventeen thousand eight hundred and twenty five pounds)

Table – £392 750 (Three hundred and ninety two thousand, seven hundred and fifty Pounds)

VIP Table – £1,178,250 (One Million, one hundred and seventy eight thoudand, two hundred and fifty Pounds)

This conversion rate was from Forex Ticket.

Oil & Gas Gala Night: VIP Table - N300million, Only in Naija

Only in Nigeria. With so much poverty and the lack of basic infrastructure for the citizens and residents.

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