Occupy Nigeria: Police Killed Protesters in Ogba (Graphic Images)

A young Occupy Nigeria protester identified as Ademola Aderinde, (pictured above being molested by the police) was supposedly shot dead by Nigerian police this morning at the Ogba area of Lagos State, Nigeria.

An additional one was killed by a stray bullet when policemen attempted to dissolve a crowd of young people who had gathered at the junction Yaya Abatan Street in the Ogba area to show their backing for the labour strike action. In attempt to scare them away, shots were fired in the air and on the ground. During that process, four bystanders were hit by strays of bullets in which one was reported dead straightaway.

The images below are graphic. View at your own risk. To view them, Click the blue OPEN ME below.

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Occupy Nigeria: Police Killed Protesters in Ogba (Graphic Images)[/toggle]


  1. Nigeria needs to GROW UP and be more mature because a peaceful protest shouldn’t involve taking lives. In Western Nations, citizens protest nowadays without being physically abused or killed; that depicts civilization. Nigeria, what is going on? They say “a fool at forty is a fool forever” You are FIFTY now. Nigeria became independent over fifty years ago but lack of respect with exhausting labor and restrictions of freedom is still prevalent in the society.

    Christians, Muslims, Traditional and all unmentioned religions pray every moment of the day however, Nigeria’s situation deteriorate rapidly. Mother Africa, if you exist and this savage violent is beyond your powers, please tell God to intervene in one of your children’s (Nigeria’s) deficiencies. And let revolution be soon.

    Rest In Peace Ademola Aderinde and those who lost their lives during the supposedly peaceful protest!

  2. Why will give my people justice. For how long will thes trigger happy policemen continue to kill innocent citizens and still walk freely on our streets. How long?

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