Occupy Nigeria: Okonjo Iweala Talk to Aljazeara on Subsidy Removal

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria’s finance minister, spoke to Al Jazeera from the capital Abuja about the fuel subsidy removal that has triggered the Occupy Nigeria demonstration among Nigerians home and abroad.

In the interview, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala defends the government’s removal of the fuel subsidy, the unpopular policy that has caused demonstrations across Nigeria and prompted the labour groups to embark on an indefinite mass strike starting Monday, 9 January 2012.


  1. Yeah! I suppose you are right paotsr! But if I may ask, what role has he church played in the development of the country? There is no difference between the taxman and the tithe man? You only collect from the masses and just like the govt u blame, u give nothing in return. That’s by the way, but In my own opinion I feel the subsidy is the right step taken at an ill timed time, considering the sudden removal via its impact on the people. This is not to say I condemn it! This is a man that we voted but where is the trust? Everyone shouts that we want change but no one is ready to sacrifice has anyone read about the economic transition of the developed countries lately? I guess no! There can be no change without pain. To my dear paotsr, even Jesus walked with the thorns on and was crucified on the cross, beaten and molested ..Where is the faith on who y’all voted? I also applaud the protesters, it’s good to know we are all ready to voice our thoughts out, it shows growth and enlightenment on the basis of exploring our untapped human right but amidst that, I must appeal to you all to engage in dialogue and find the best way to enable mr president deliver what everyone expected of him, we should think as well to make ends meet. I saw the article on budget pin pointing feeding and all, these are the things that need to be cut as the sacrifice re meant to be equal! But he’s motivated to move Nigeria in the next level! Unless everyone is too blind to read the handwriting on the wall.I can’t see transformation in Nigeria other than from good luck

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