Norway: Teenage asylum seeker stabbed to death as he was unable to survive the injuries even after being rushed to the hospital.

On Wednesday the 15th of February 2012, a man was charged over an incurable stabbing of a teenage asylum seeker in Sandnes, South-Western Norway.

Norway: Teenage Asylum Seeker stabbed to Death

According to the police, the teenager was stabbed in the chest in an outdoor area at the Dale asylum centre. The police added that the incident took place after a conflict involving mainly Chechen residents at the centre.

The victim was rushed to Stavanger university hospital; he could not survive the injuries which led to his death.  He was pronounced death at 11pm on Wednesday just over an hour after police were alerted to the incident.

According to prosecutor Henrietta Kvinnsland, a number of witnesses have been questioned in connection with the attack, yet the police were unable to say whether the victim was a resident at the Dale asylum centre. At first the police said he lived in another district, though it was not fully certain.

Prosecutor Henrietta Kvinnsland added that for the sake of the investigation, and out of respect to the next of kin, the victim’s nationality or identity will not be publicize. She also said apart from the Chechen, there were also other nationalities involved.

The Dale asylum centre is situated on the grounds of an old psychiatric hospital since 1993, and is home to 300 asylum seekers.

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