• Nigeria’s rich dream wedding.
  • How some spend over $2 million.

In an article titled “How Nigeria’s Rich Spend Over $2 Million On Their Dream Wedding,” Forbes contributor, Declan Eytan wrote on how wealthy Nigerian leaves no stone unturned when it comes to spending on their special and once in a lifetime day.

In the article, the Italian based writer alleged that these wealthy Nigerians spend huge sums of money on flying Illusionists from Spain, importing their flowers imported France, or inviting an American R&B superstar from the United States to entertain their guest.

Stating how the funders of such extraordinary wedding do not care about the cost and budgeting, Declan wrote, “don’t even mention the b-word – budget, that is – ’cause whatever the bride wants, the bride gets.”
“Our core clientèle is mainly made up by millionaires. They will not hesitate to spend the money in order to get what they want. If they need to fly in an artist from America, or a decorator from Dubai or London, they will do so,” says Funke Bucknor, founder of Nigeria’s leading wedding and events company, Zapphaire events as she affirms Nigerians truly spend a lot of money on their weddings.

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Speaking about the most popular wedding destinations chosen by wealthy Nigerians, Funke adds, “Dubai and London are the most popular destinations, followed by Cape Town, Seychelles and the Maldives. Florence in currently growing in popularity.”

Adding to what the others have already said, Lagos-based former beauty-queen-turned-event-planner, Elohor Aisien, said, “Nigerians love champagne, so the most money will be spent on drinks as well as food. On Nigerian weddings, there’s food from 2 pm till midnight.” Given that the average Nigerian wedding will easily have around 1000 guests, whereas the bigger wedding will have between 2000 and 3000 guests, the choice of champagne is a crucial one. “Old money Nigerians may keep things more subtle, new money Nigerians are more concerned with letting people know that they’ve arrived. Magnums of Dom Pérignon will often be their drink of choice. In a way, it’s become this competition amongst brides. They’ll ask me: ‘How many bottles did she have? I need more.”

Confirming rich Nigerians actually spend $2 million and above on their weddings, Weruche Majekodunmi, the founder of Newton & David, a local company specialised in event design and décor said: “It has happened three times in the last five years that I’ve organised a wedding that cost over $2 million. They spent the most on food, Cristal champagne, entertainment and gifts to their guests. At one wedding all the invitees got their wedding outfit with their invitation. At another wedding, they handed out microwave ovens, smartphones and rice cookers, to all of their guests. At some other weddings, they’ll fly in their guests and arrange their accommodation in case they decide to get married overseas. You must understand, that our reasoning is different from that in the West.”

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You can read the full article on Forbes website.

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