Two Nigerians in the UK have been found guilty of human trafficking and prostitution. The two convicted individuals are a couple and are alleged to have trafficked two women from Nigeria to the United Kingdom and forced them to go into prostitution.

The two women, aged 23 and 29 were made to undergone an African ritual that involved the eating of snakes. The women were made to believe that the voodoo ritual oath they took will hunt them and make them face ‘illness, madness, infertility or even death if they didn’t prostitute and give all the money to their traffickers. So far, the two women have paid about £70,000 to Lizzy Idahosa and husband Jackson Omoruyi who have been pimping them.

When the victims were trafficked from Nigerian to the UK, they believed they were going to Britain for a better life according to their sponsors. But they were shocked to realize they have to prostitute in several brothels and massage parlours around the UK.

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The jury was told how the African black magic was a tactic to scare the victims and make them do whatever was required of them by their traffickers. As part of the voodoo rituals that was conducted by a witch-doctor, the victims pubic hair were shaved. They were then forced to eat live snakes and snails.

Lizzy Idahosa who runs the trafficking and prostitution network with her husband is currently pregnant. The 24-year-old expectant mother was found guilty of eight counts including trafficking, inciting women to be prostitutes and transferring criminal property. Lizzy’s husband, Omoruyi who is 41 was convicted of two counts of money laundering.

Even though the Nigerian couple have been accused of trafficking the two women and forcing them into prostitution, Idahosa and Omoruyi who were arrested in their London residence denied ever doing any wrong to the women.

Lizzy Idahosa then said she was also trafficked to the UK to prostitute and therefore will never do that to another woman. And according to her, she never knew the other two women were trafficked to prostitute in the UK until she told them about her own story.

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But the couple’s financial information told a different story. When investigating officers checked Idahosa and Omoruyi’s bank account, they found a series of transfers were made to them with Omoruyi acting as a ‘financial middle man’.

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Photo: Daily Mail UK.

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