According to an article published on This Day Newspaper, Norway has forcefully taken custody of the son of a Nigerian woman that lives in the country. Ms. Queen Agho, is currently contesting the Norwegian government ‘s decision that forces her to give up her son for adoption.

The case has been going on for about a year now and the Norwegian government has forcefully taken over custody of the little boy as the mother is not consenting to the decision.

Citing lack of emotional connection between mother and son as the reason for taking away the child, the boy is currently in custody of a Norwegian woman that is meant to adopt the Queen Agho’s son whose name is George Agho.

“And barely two weeks after the delivery, the baby was taken from her based on fictitious assumptions that she was mentally incapable of fending for the child by the Norwegian Child Welfare Authorities,” said Mr. Kelvin Izekor, an uncle to Ms. Queen Agho.

The Nigerian Embassy in Stockholm that is responsible for overseeing the affairs of Nigerians in Norway has given their assistance to Ms Agho but the effort has been unable to yield any positive result, according to Izekor.

You can read the full article on the This Day’s website.


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