A Nigerian socialite and businessman based in Ireland died yesterday November 13 as a result of the injuries he sustained when he was attacked on Main Street in Swords, north Dublin by one of his business associate.

Taiwo Jamani, aged 45 years, died in Beaumont Hospital where he was receiving treatment after he was injured in an incident with a baseball bat on October 10, 2013.

His 37-year-old business associate, Jooda Akanbi with an address in Swords, is currently being held before the courts in relation to the assault on Taiwo.

The attack occurred in broad daylight on Main Street in the north Dublin town at about 12.20pm before an ambulance took Jamani to a hospital in Beaumont.

Jamani is a human resource specialist and is the owner of a Data Link Company based in Dublin. He suffered severe injuries to his back and neck after the attack from Jooda Akabi. According to the account an eye witness gave to the Irish police, the two men started their row by shouting at each other. It then progressed to pushing and shoving…

“I think one was waiting for the other because the boot of his car was open and there were two bats in it even before the fight began. Then the man with the bat held it high over his head and brought it down hard on the other man’s head and he just slumped to the ground. It was shocking. It’s not something you expect to see,” the eye witness told the police.


  1. So sad. Two lives destroyed in a few seconds of mad rage. And we are not even talking about the effect it will have on their wives, kids, parents and other family members.

    It is always good for one to be more matured and walk away from it. People should learn how to control their emotion.

  2. Comical Nigerians indeed. How can grown ass men be fighting? And even do it publicly? And see how it has now ended. The idiot is now a murderer and i’m sure his kids will be proud of him if he has any. That people cannot discuss as matured adults and settle their differences is beyond me. Jeez.

  3. Is just unfortunate that a life was lost because a bunch of old men could not act like adults and be more restrictive with themselves. This is an avoidable death. May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

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