• Nigerian Peacekeeper Cured Of Ebola Virus
  • Man flown to the Netherlands at the request of WHO

A Nigerian peacekeeper taken to the Netherlands to undergo Ebola treatment has been cured of the deadly virus, said the Dutch authorities today, Friday December 19th 2014.

“The Nigerian patient who was admitted on December 6 has been cured of Ebola,” the Dutch public health institute RIVM said in a statement.

The Nigerian man, who is a soldier working as a peacekeeper in Liberia contracted Ebola and was flown to the Netherlands for treatment at the request of the World Health Organisation. The man, who was treated at the university hospital in Utrecht was flown into the country in a specially equipped plane.

The Nigerian patient is the first Ebola patient to be treated in the country. According to RIVM, the man will be staying in a military hospital until he’ll be taken back.

Since the outbreak, almost 7,000 people in West Africa have been killed by the deadly virus. Of that number, Liberia has the highest number of fatalities with 3,290 deaths. But at the moment, Sierra Leone is leading with the highest number of infections taking place there.

A few months ago, Nigeria was among the Ebola outbreak risk zone as the country battled with the deadly virus that was brought in by Liberian Patrick Sawyer who died while undergoing treatment and also infected other people including nurses and doctors.

But Nigeria was able to curtail and finally eradicate the virus and later certified Ebola-free by the World Health Organization.

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  1. Lucky him. Some people were not as lucky as him to have survived. The two Africans that were treated in the United States never survived the Ebola virus.

  2. Happy for him and his family as he’s now be given a second chance to live. Surviving Ebola is not a child’s play as thousands have died from the virus since its outbreak. And a lot of appreciation to him and people like him who are putting their lives at risk to help others. It is not easy.

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