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Nigerian City of Gombe Hit With a Deadly Bomb Attack

A few days ago, a group of gunmen attacked the city of Gombe in Northern Nigeria. The men arrived on a motorcycle and opened fire at a police station and a prison. Four people were reported to be dead and while several others were wounded during the incident.

Nigerian City of Gombe Hit With a Deadly Bomb Attack

According to the police, a group of radical Islamist sect known as Boko Haram carried out the attack. Earlier on Friday the same gangs killed five people at a mosque in Kano. In addition, the group had carried out deadly attacks and mass murder across northern Nigeria in recent months. Nigeria is experiencing a surge in ethnic and sectarian violence. In January, an attack on a church in the city resulted to the death of  six worshipers.
Recently,the  police said they have effectively protected a federal prison and police station in a two-hour gun battle with the group. The gunmen caused multiple explosions across the city center of Gombe, killing four civilians as well as injuring a police and an army officer.

Last week, the Islamist sect known as Boko Haram said it was behind a similar attack on a prison in Kogi State. During the Kogi state attack,  about 120 prisoners were freed. The BBC’s Mark Lobel in Lagos said a member of a local armed-force working with the government against the extremist group was also reported dead.

According to Boko Haram, they are fighting to create an Islamic state and wants to impose Sharia law across Nigeria. The groups revealed that the name “Boko Haram”,  means “Western education is forbidden” in Nigerian and they want to end it.

Source: BBC

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