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New Policy Set To Make Permanently Settling In the UK Difficult

New Policy Set To Make Permanently Settling In the UK Difficult

A new Home Office Proposal is set to reduce the number of immigrants permitted to leave in the UK by ending a rule that allows immigrant to settle permanently in the UK after five years of working.

The Government will also look at limiting the right of immigrants’ partners to a British passport if they stay in the UK long enough.

Ministers say the policy is necessary to accomplish Cameron’s goal of reducing net immigration. Numerous groups had long campaigned for “balanced immigration” the link between permanent residence and the right to work temporally to be separated.

Under the plans, to be available before the end of this year, non-nationals will still be able to gain a visa to work in Britain, but they will no longer be able to reside permanently simply by the advantage of staying in the UK legally for five years.

According to a Whitehall source, “We want to break the link between working and settling in Britain. It has come to be almost automatic for people who keep themselves away from crime and maintain a good a crime free record.

“The Government is not against people coming here to work, but that shouldn’t automatically mean they get to stay in Britain forever”.

With the new policy, immigrants will be allowed to remain based on their kind of qualifications, their ability to maintain themselves and their families as well as working in professions where there are shortages of qualified Britons.

Businessmen, high income earners and millionaire investors will be unaffected by the policy as they are regarded as job creators. EU nationals who have a right to live in the UK would not be affected.

Student visas had already been reduced and will be complimented with this new policy in order to meet the prime ministers promise to cut down immigration rate.

Source: Dailymail UK

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  1. no, you won’t have trouble.just enter the USA the same way every other UK perosn does.you fill in the forms they give you on the plane, and hand the forms in at customs when you get off the plane.do the same as all other UK citizens. Was this answer helpful?

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