CaribDirect and credEcardplus are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative product set to revolutionise how UK’s African Caribbean Community, not only support families in the Caribbean but do business in the Region.

‘CredEcardplus is a personal pre-paid Visa Debit card, which is available FREE for a limited period’ – using the code CARIB01 (Zero1)*.

According to research carried out by the MIF (Multilateral Investment Fund), remittances from Caribbeans in the Diaspora back home accounts for in excess of billions of pounds to the Regions economy in 2012.

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CaribDirect’s CEO David F. Roberts said: “It’s a very good day for the Caribbean community that has historically experienced financial difficulties, not least due to charges levied by banks and also the cost of transfer fees incurred when sending money home to the Caribbean. The CredEcard will provide peace of mind and convenience with supporting relations back in the Caribbean and Guyana. I’m very pleased that CaribDirect is able to provide yet another useful facility for the benefit of the Caribbean community.”

credEcardplus personal account and Visa Debit card is now available to all, regardless of financial history, and can be used for shopping online or on the high street, undertake money transfers and pay bills. Given the sometimes exorbitant charges levied by banks and other money transfer companies, some of the key benefits to credEcardplus include: no unexpected overdraft or admin fees for account holders, cards can be used to transfer money to relatives and associates overseas, low ethical fees and FX rates and more.

Geoff Leech, credEcard Managing Director added, “we are pleased to be providing the community with a cost effective payment solution that is available to all regardless of financial status. We wish CaribDirect every success with this initiative”.

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