Naya Rivera finds Kim Kardashian’s recent photo shoot and cover image for Paper magazine’s new issue distasteful. Over the years, the 27-year-old Glee on-screen diva and Kim Kardashian has been compared as look alike. Apart from the comparison, Naya has regularly been accused of being a copycat of Kim’s fashion style. Pictured above is Kim on the left and Naya on the right.


But while Naya may be a fan of some of Kim’s fashion style and do replicate them, the actress is certainly not impressed with Kim’s recent public display of her naked butt in an editorial that intends to make Kim Kardashian “Break the Internet”. Condemning Kim’s recent photo shoot for the new issue of Paper magazine where Kim shows of her massive and naked butt, Naya made the following remarks on the reality TV star’s naked butt photograph that was posted on her (Kim’s) Instagram page, “I regularly don’t. Anyhow… you’re somebody’s mother… ”

See the Instagram comment where Naya Rivera condemns Kim photo shoot for the Paper Magzine below.


While Naya and some of Kim Kardashian’s fans find the nude magazine cover photos shoot  inappropriate for a wife and mother, her husband thinks otherwise. Kanye West shared the Paper magazine’s new issue cover with Kim’s naked but on his Twitter timeline with the caption, “AllDay!”

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