These are the natural hair beauties we’re currently spying on. The beautiful women have ditched their hair straighteners and hair relaxers and now embracing and  rocking their naturally kinky hair.


Angela Onuoha a Dutch-Nigerian woman is one of those women proudly rocking her natural curly and kinky hair. Angela, who great looks go well with her beautiful curly hair and gorgeous set of teeth vlogs on her Youtube channel under the name, Curlbellaa. You can also find her on Instagram with the same name.


CurlyProverbz is a Youtuber who vlogs about hair care, makeup and healthy living. We caught up with her at Africa Fashion Week London trying one of the selfie sticks Motions Hair UK were giving away. And she was wearing one of the gorgeous natural hair we have seen.


Yolandaas, who is of Swedish and Nigerian heritage rocks her naturally curly hair with pride. She’s a YouTube vlogger based in London and was one of the ambassadors to Motions Hair UK and represented the brand at #


In the photo above is natural hair beauty, René Daniella who shares her time between London and New York city. She’s a lifestyle, fashion and a travel blogger who blogs at Frogirlginny. She is also friends with Frigirlginny and they make regular photo shoots together. They also attend some events together and were both at the Africa Fashion Week London 2015 event.


In the photo above is Frogirlginny. Frogirlginny is a British natural hair blogger. On why she stopped straightening her hair and going natural, she said: “It started with a simple acceptance to love my natural hair that has somehow allowed me to grow as a person. Acceptance of your flaws and your imperfections leads to great things. Embrace who you are, embrace everything about you, embrace your flaws. They are what make you, you.”


We met this lovely lady at Africa Fashion Week London where she was rocking her beautiful natural hair and lovely African print dress and could not help but take a few snaps.


Face Of Africa Fashion Week London 2015, Maggie Smith also rocked her beautiful natural hair at Europe’s biggest African fashion event. The curly beauty is of Ugandan and Scottish heritage. In the photo above, taken at #AFWL2015, Maggie did not only rock her beautiful curly hair but it was styled into an elegant Afro hairdo. As the Face of Africa Fashion Week London 2015, she’s an ambassador to the fashion show and represented the brand during the colourful weekend in Kensington London.

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