At 43, super model,  Naomi Campbell has an amazing body most women half her age would wish for. The black and iconic supermodel showcase her age-defying bodynwhile gracing the cover of Shape magazine’s April issue.

Dressed in a sexy black Moschino swimsuit, this marks the first time that Naomi has worked with the health and fitness focused publication.

“I’ve been on almost every magazine in existence, but this is my first time posing for Shape, and I’m thrilled. Of course,” she told the glossy. “I wish I had done it when I was younger, but it’s an honor to be here at any age.”

Speaking about how quitting smoking has been harder than she thought, the black British and world-famous supermodel who has been modelling for nearly 30 years said,

“People told me that cigarettes are harder to quit than alcohol. I didn’t believe it, but you know what? It is harder. I’m not someone who wants to light up inside people’s homes, including my own, and I don’t want to stand outside on street corners anymore. It’s still a struggle. In fact, just talking about it makes me crave one, so let’s stop, please! But I am really trying.”

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