A few years ago, many Africans, especially celebrities and the elites did not consider African fashion as something fashionable. It was looked upon as local and unpolished. But today, the tables have turned around and African and African inspired pieces are now the rave. As a result, it is no more a secret to see well established and internationally known fashion labels visiting Africa to get the authentic and exotic African inspiration.

The love and appreciation for Africa and African inspired fashion was made possible by fashion shows such as Africa Fashion Week London, Africa Fashion Week New York, Africa Fashion International, Adiree Fashion Week and a host of other Africa-related fashions shows. They helped in putting Africa and African inspired fashion on the spotlight.

As a result, many African brands are competing well internationally. Also, more hopes to take their designs and brands to catwalks and runways around the world. One of such designers is Mabel Simpson, a Ghanaian fashion designer whose brand is known as “MSimps.” Her “Made in Ghana” accessories are sold in countries such as the United States, Australia, Nigeria and South Africa.

In an interview with the BBC, Mabel talked about how she started her designing business with just 100 dollars. Today, she has grown the business to a reasonable size.

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To listen to the interview, visit the BBC.


  1. Good one girl. Shows how entrepreneurial and determined you are. Not many people will build a business with such little money.

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