The Grand Premiere of the movie “Will You Forgive Her?” was held in the Dutch city of The Hague at Victory Outreach Church on the 15th of October 2011. Other premieres in the Netherlands are scheduled to take place in cities such as Rotterdam and Dordrecht. In addition, the movie will be premiered in the Belgian city of Antwerp.

Those who starred in the movies are of diverse nationalities. They are from Ghana, The Netherlands, Liberia, Nigeria, Tanzania and the Netherlands Antilles. Will You Forgive Her? was shot in various Dutch cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

The Story
Will You Forgive Her? tells the story of an African Immigrant couple, Charles and Sisi who both live illegally in the Netherlands. On their wedding day, Charles past came calling when an ex he dumped decided to call the immigration police on him.

In a bid to help her lovely partner, Sisi did so many things with the right intentions. However, the manner in which she carried out her help was questionable. Will You Forgive Her? is all about the price of doing the right thing the wrong way and finding forgiveness in the eyes of the person all the sacrifices were made for.

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The Cast
Too Big: Charles
Rita Batou: Sisi
Sunny Ofehe: Pastor Joshua
Frida Awah: Lum
Godfred J. Barimah: Koffi
Lisa Seh: Rebecca
Simon Timah: Bate
Souls G. Nie: Jean-Marie
Bob Hensen: Lawyer
Francisca Mforsong: Miss Pauline
Pat Etta: Glory
Liddy Praise: Patricia
Emilia Abangenow: Rita

The movie was produced and directed by Simon Timah of Timah Productions. Simon is a Cameroonian living in the Netherlands. He is the founder of Timah Production. Simon Timah is currently working on his next movie titled, “Confused Bachelor”

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