While many women are shying away from breastfeeding their babies claiming it will decrease the elasticity of their breast and make them less appealing, mothers like Tamara Mowry are going the other direction and doing it the tradition way. The American actress and The Real co host posted on Instagram, an intimate photo of herself breastfeeding her 3 month old baby – Ariah.

The photo was accompanied by the text: “Breastfeeding Ariah has been amazing, in large part because I learned a lot from my experience with Aden,” (her son).

On her blog, she wrote: “I cherish every moment i can sit down and feed her. It’s our private time together, and i really find it so relaxing. It makes me feel good to know that i can give her everything that her body needs, and i plan to do so until she’s one year. And women must do what’s right for their baby-which include bottle feeding of cource,”

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