Horror Skype Call! Baby Girl Murdered Live on Skype by Mum While Boyfriend Watched. The baby was drowned in a bucket of water at 3 am while her British boyfriend watched live over the internet through Skype.

Norwegian Yasmin Chaudhry submerged the one-year-old girl head first into the water during a 3 am Skype video call with his British boyfriend.

According to 26 years old Chaudhry, she wanted to know how to discipline her baby for waking and “disobeying her”. Both Chaudhry and the British man — who is not the baby’s father and has not been named — have denied their intention was to kill the child.

Officers from Oslo flew to Britain to quiz the boyfriend with the help of Scotland Yard shortly before Christmas. According to Police prosecutor Kristin Rusdel, “They have the same story, but with some differences.

“She says he instructed her to do it, whereas he says that they more or less figured it out together after talking about how to discipline her.

“He says the intention was never to kill the child. They were both very scared and decided to cover it up.

“He is her internet boyfriend. They met once in real life and carried on the relationship over the net for about a year.” The horror unfolded in October 2010. Chaudhry told an ambulance crew the baby had fallen into the bucket accidentally. The girl was pronounced dead next day.

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Chaudhry was arrested on suspicion of murder and her five-year-old son was taken into care. On the 5th of January 2012, she was taken into custody until the 4th of February.

Ms Rusdel confirmed a preliminary murder charge had been filed against the British boyfriend and added: “We are discussing extradition.”

The baby’s father now lives in Pakistan after ending his relationship with the mother. According to his lawyer, “He is, of course, very shocked.”

The Sun UK and the Daily Mail UK.


  1. What a cruel world we live in? How can a mother do that to her own baby? Just because of a Skype boyfriend even. And the evil guy watched without helping her. Wickedness, wickedness of man against man. An innocent and harmless child.

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