More Refugee Centres to Close in the Netherlands

More Refugee Centres to Close in the Netherlands according to a report made by the Volks newspaper (Volkskrant) on Wednesday 7 March, 2012. According to the report five refugee centres with about  2,400 places are set to close down this year due to a fall in the number of people seeking asylum.

Last year September, a total of seven centres with about 2,600 accommodation places was closed, reported the paper. It is still unclear on the number of jobs that will be affected as a result of this closure.

It was also reported that the number of refugees that came to the Netherlands in 2011, decreased with about 13% which is almost 12,000 people. At the moment, some 16,000 people are currently living in refugee centres. This is a decrease from the 84,000 that were recorded  in 2001.

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