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Miss Venezuela Wins Miss World 2011

Miss Venezuela Wins Miss World 2011

Miss Venezuela wins Miss World 2011 organised in London. Twenty-two (22) years old Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colimenares is the 60th lady to win the Miss World beauty pageant.

Miss Venezuela Wins Miss World 2011


  1. Cogratulations to Venezuela for a job well done

  2. Congrats to miss Venezuela.

    • “Venezuela is famous for most ptsilac surgeries in the world, they put a lot of effort in the girls who they want to win miss universe and miss world. It’s an entire industry! And they have this man who judge which girls are allowed to take part in the beauty contests, and they all have to have C-cups at least! And that makes it hard for them to get modelling jobs later, the fashion industry only wants slim girls with A-cups.”

  3. Not my favorite bikini fashions but a cute girl nonetheless!

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