Miss Excellence is an Afro fashion pageant organised in the Netherlands. The purpose of the event is to “re-brand the diminishing image of the AfroDutch citizen such as the Afro-Caribbean, African, Latin American and Afro-American women, once known for their trademark as “WOMEN OF VIRTUE.”

Contestants are drawn from all countries with women of colour. The contestants are between the ages of 17 and 27. The winner of this pageant will become the ambassador of coloured women living in the Netherlands.

Below is a list of the contestants and the countries they are representing;

  • Raijah Pahalwankhan: Suriname
  • Avenisse de Rijp: Suriname
  • Alieth Batista: Colombia
  • Leila Aigbedion: Nigeria
  • Wendy Joeloemsingh: Suriname
  • Ndidi Aguzien: Nigeria
  • Rebecca Habtab: Eritrea
  • Marella Schockman: Suriname/the Netherlands
  • Rachella Dijksteel: Suriname
  • Amorzinha da Costa: Angola
  • Daphne Masé: Suriname
  • Fatime Guebre: Burkina Faso
  • Whitney Purperhart: Suriname
  • Suraisca Maatrijk: Suriname

The event will be taking place from 20.00pm – 03.00am on Saturday 17 December 2011 at the Koning Party & Events in Amsterdam. For Tickets and more information about the event, visit the Miss Excellence Netherlands website.

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Below are the photos of some of the contestants that will be participating in the upcoming black beauty pageant in the Netherlands.


Pictured above is 24-year-old Ndidi Aguzien, one of the contestants at the upcoming Amsterdam Miss Excellence. A beauty pageant for black people living in the Netherlands.


Above is Rebecca Habtab one of the contestants at the pageant that reflects on the beauty and heritage of Africa. She’s a young woman from Eritrea and lives in Assen, The Netherlands.


Pictured above is Fatima Guebre, another contestant that is participating to win the crown at the upcoming beauty pageant for blacks and Africans in the Netherlands.


  1. Well, they should get better and more representative girls into the event in the next session. These girls are ok but could not represent beauty queens. My own two cents! Out of here!

  2. I love this miss excellence fashion pageant show. Good initiatives to put some glamour in the the AfroDutch Society.

  3. Not bad for a start. However, i hope they get better the following year? Wishing the organizers and participants of Miss Excellence all the best!

  4. Aww, they are all looking radiantly gorgeous! Just what i like to see! Ride on Miss Excellence!!!

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  6. I’m loving this! Great to see Africa Diaspora are doing something to put themselves out them. It’s about time! Kudos guys!!!

  7. All of these are just amazing- party buasece you’re just plain awesome, and partly buasece their love for each other seeps into each photograph!! Well done!

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