On December 26, American female comedian Chelsea Handler posted two topless photos on her social media networks as part of the #FreeTheNipple campaign. One on her Twitter timeline and another on Instagram. The one on Instagram was promptly deleted as it violates platform’s no nudity policy.

Handler has been campaigning against Instagram’s censorship of nudity and she’s a prominent voice of the #FreeTheNipple campaign. Yesterday, Miley Cyrus joined the campaign by taking a topless photograph of herself and posting it on Instagram. The uncensored photo exposed the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s boobs and nipp**s.

Miley accompanied the photo with the text: “Some lame ass deff gonna [flag] that but f–kkkkkkk it. #practicewhatchupreach #FreeTheNipple #FreedatShit.” And of course, the photo was promptly deleted by the Instagram team as it violates its strict no-nudity policy.

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