A few weeks ago, it was Taylor Swift pictured kissing her best friend Karlie Kloss. But because the picture was not so clear, it could not be confirmed whether the two ladies were actually kissing or not.

But that’s not the case with wild Miley Cyrus, the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s kiss was clearly captured in the photo that was posted to Twitter.

In the picture above, the outlandish pop star is seen kissing her new female friend Jaci Wells during an art gallery bash at The Womb in Oklahoma City on December 20. The Christmas party was thrown by the Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne.

The singer, pictured in the photo below is seen covering her nipples with marijuana pasties as she strikes a pose with her friends while they all showed off their cleavage.

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An excited Jaci told the US Weekly: “She’s a ton of fun and super down to earth. It was really comfortable being around her,” about her interaction with Miley. “[It was] definitely [my idea to kiss Miley]. You can’t meet Miley and resist the urge to kiss her.”

Jaci was the one that posted the photos on Twitter. She posted the first photo where they were kissing and it was accompanied by the text: “@MileyCyrus I love you. Best kiss of my entire life.” In another tweet, she wrote:  “I KISSED MILEY”.

Speaking to the mag about the second photo where they’re showcasing their boobs, Jaci said: “I had ‘Free the Nipple’ on my chest and Miley said, ‘My boobs are out,’ so that’s [how that picture] happened.”


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