16 Men’s Life Hacks For Romantic Relationships

For some reason, a lot of women think that men don’t know how to communicate, but that’s nonsense. Sure, we find ourselves in difficult situations when talking to girls sometimes, but we have a couple of hidden talents to come out dry from water. Here are 16 secret men’s life hacks for romantic relationships we don’t talk about with girls.

1. How to find out the girl’s age

Need to know the girl’s age, but don’t want to ask directly? Ask what her Chinese Zodiac sign is. For
example, depending on the answer, the girl can be 20 or 32 years old. And a 12-year difference will be quite noticeable.

2. How to remember her name

Forgot the girl’s name? Ask how her parents and friends called her when she was a kid.

3. How to avoid going shopping

The girl persuades you to go shopping with her? You’ll probably end up by spending all your money. Tell her that you hate shopping and offer to take her friend with her. A friend can give the best advice because you’re not competent enough. You can spend the money you saved on something better.

4. How to avoid an argument

The girl starts to argue? Tell her that you have a headache. Offer to lie down and discuss all the problems in the bed. Your discussion will end up with laughter and sex.

5. How to find a girl in a crowd

Can’t find your girlfriend at a party, club, or wedding ceremony? Talk to the sexiest girl in the room. Your girlfriend will find you quickly.

6. How to justify yourself

You looked at another girl, and now your girlfriend reproaches you? Tell her that you liked the dress on that “ugly chick.” Then tell your girlfriend to wear dresses and short skirts more often.

7. How to raise a girl’s mood quickly

Is the girl not in the mood for no apparent reason? Use sweets. Take her to a café or buy her a chocolate bar. Chocolate raises the mood and gives a feeling of euphoria.

8. How to make a hidden compliment

Too shy to make a compliment? Just call a girl by name more often. Everybody loves their own name. The name itself is a hidden compliment that works perfectly.

9. How to make an open compliment

If the girl is very beautiful, compliment on her moral qualities and deeds. If the girl is not the prettiest one, compliment on her looks. It will work in both cases.

10. How to seem friendly

How to be friendly? Smile. It’s the main sign of friendliness. Raise and lower your eyebrows. Tilt your head when talking.

11. How to win her trust

How to make a girl trust you? People tend to relate better to those who are a bit like them. Copy her manner of conversation, gestures, and speed of breathing.

12. How to seem like a good conversationalist

When a girl says something, just be quiet and nod your head. You may not care what she’s talking about, but she will be pleased that she’s being listened to.

13. How to protect your secrets

Always put the password on the phone. This will save you from problems. The girl asks for a password from the social networks or wants to poke around your smartphone? Blow off some steam and show your
emotions. If she wants your password, she doesn’t trust you and tries to control you! Act like you’re very upset and angry.

14. How to seem sensitive

Need to make a sympathetic face when a girl shares her feelings? Remember how your favourite hockey or football team lost and how it hurt you. A couple of teardrops are guaranteed to give you the title of the most sensible guy in the world.

15. How to seem smart

Need to make a smart face when talking with her parents? Try to multiply 123 by 123. This task will make you look focused.

16. How to serve overcooked dinner

You promised to make dinner for her, but it didn’t turn out well? Drink something with a lot of alcohol together. After that, the girl will be more lenient towards your culinary abilities. Thanks to our friends from DatingBrides.com for sending us this article on 16 men’s life hacks For romantic relationships.

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