Are You Afraid of Meeting Her Parents? Here Are 7 Rules to Make It Easier

Sooner or later you will have to meet her parents. Especially if you have a serious and fairly
stable relationship. The most unpleasant thing in meeting her parents is that they may not like
you and that it may mean the end of the relationship. Therefore, the meeting must be properly

1. Watch Your Clothes.

The first impression is always very important in any meeting. Meeting with parents, relatives,
coming to work, getting to know new people are always connected with the first opinion about
a person. And it is adhered to, so don’t put on rumpled T-shirts, shorts, and other slovenliness.
Dress neatly and not frivolously: shirts, polo, jeans. Be shaved, moms love that. Jeans and other
pants should be well ironed. However, do not dress too well, for example, in a suit.

2. Rehearse The Story Of Your First Meeting.

One of the relatives will definitely ask how you actually met. They ask not only to find out the
truth and to listen to the story but to check whether the girl’s version coincides with the one
you are about to tell. Acquaintances are different, so you should better not forget to ask the girl about her version of your dating that her parents have already heard. It will be unpleasant if
your versions do not coincide.

3. Gather the Information.

To go to meet the girl’s parents is almost the same as to go to an interview at a big company.
You do not go to the company, not knowing its working conditions, a location of the office and
what salary will you have. The same thing is with meeting her parents. It is necessary to know
the marital status of the spouses, whether they are divorced, whether it is the second marriage, whether you will get acquainted with her father or with her stepfather, what other relatives will be, and don’t forget to remember their names in advance.

4. Make Her Mother Like You.

Most mothers are always such gray cardinals who decide who is right, who is to blame and
whether a guy is suited to their family. If you seriously think that her mother can not influence
the opinion of your girlfriend, then you might be very much mistaken. One simple, “Daughter,
are you sure that he deserves you?”, makes your girl think hard. A good relationship with her
mother will help protect you from the girl’s anger. Good manners, compliments on her appearance and culinary talents, plus help in cleaning the plates will help you win the confidence of the mother.

5. Make Her Father Become Your Friend.

Fathers are always harder to accept you. If the mother will get to know you, being in a neutral
or positive mood then the father is more likely to be disposed towards you somewhat negatively. In order to have a good relationship with her father, it is worthwhile to find out his interests, place of work and so on. If you have similar interests, you can gladly support the
conversation. If everything goes well, you will spend several hours talking about hunting,
fishing, and hiking. Just do not lie!

6 Prepare Some Topics For Talking.

There is nothing worse than awkward silence in the first minutes of acquaintance. It is always
good to ask a lot of questions and be interested in a family life. You also need to be ready for
unexpected questions about your work, family, social status, and interests. Standard topics for
conversation include your work, sports, family, movies, current events, pets.

7. Bring A Gift.

It will be wonderful to bring a bottle of wine on any holiday, having previously learned the
tastes of people. A bouquet of flowers and chocolates are also an excellent gift.

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