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Photo of the Day: Meet the World’s Ultimate Celebrity!!!

Meet the World's Ultimate Celebrity!!!

In order to create the ultimate celebrity, a poll was conducted to discover the most desirable parts of female celebrities.

To create this image, the most desirable parts of ten female celebrities were put together to create that persona.

The hair belong to the Duchess of Cambridge, the chocolate brown eyes belong to singer Cheryl Cole, the nose actress Kate Beckinsale and the cheeks to Hollywood star Keira Knightley.

Eyebrows belong to actress Megan Fox while the chin was taken from actress, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Consequently, Angelina Jolie’s popular lips and TV presenter Kelly Brook’s busty décolletage was used to complete the woman.

Unfortunately, no one knows where the giraffe neck came from.


  1. ChaseOnline Login

    What ultimate celebrity. She is just plain ugly!

  2. It’s crazy that these celebrity giossp sites are now breaking news stories, like how TMZ was the first news outlet to report on Michael Jackson’s death last summer.

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