Meet The Most Fashionable Dog In The World

Meet the most fashionable dog in New York. Its name is Shiba Inu Bodhi, and he models men’s wear and reportedly earns a whopping $15,000 a month modelling for top brands. And that’s an annual income of $180K – more than a lot of people earn and will ever dream to.

Posting from the username, @mensweardog – Shiba’s journey to fame and money came when its owner opened an Instagram page for fun and started posting photos of the cute dog dressed up in her husband’s outfits.

The page quickly got a large followership and by the time it reached 190.000 fans, fashion labels started contacting the owner to use the fashionista dog as a model for their menswear. Shiba’s page has now gone viral.

Apart from its Instagram page, the most stylish dog in New York has a Tumblr page with a large following. Shiba is also the author of its own book titled “The New Classics”. In addition, it has a collection for Menswear Daily.

The page has now broadened its topics and teaches fashion lessons like tips for the modern fashionable male using Shiba’s style.

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Meet The Most Fashionable Dog In The World

Meet The Most Fashionable Dog In The World

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