Meet 10-Year-Old Boy Who Beat Woman 90 To Death

Tristen Kurilla, is a 10-year-old boy who is currently in adult jail for brutally beating 90-year-old Helen Novak to death in October. He is one of the person to ever face an adult homicide charge in Pennsylvania and according to his public defender, Tristan is lonely, scared and misses his mother.

The incident took place on October 11 when Tristen went to visit his grandfather, Anthony Virbitsky, 69, who has been caring for Novak at his home in Damascus Township, Pennsylvania.

Meet 10-Year-Old Boy Who Beat Woman 90 To Death-Janine_Edwards_Wayne_County

According to what Tristen told the police made him kill the woman, he said he got angry at Novak for yelling at him and asking him to get out of her room when he went there to ask her a question. Angered by Novak’s reaction, he he lost his temper, grabbed a cane and put it around Novak’s throat. He then pulled her with the cane and punched her five times in the throat and stomach while holding her down on her bed.

“It’s shocking. I’m not sure there’s another state in the country where we would see this, a 10-year-old boy sitting in an adult county jail for two months,” she said. “This is not in any way to diminish the crime he is charged with, which is the most serious crime, but we don’t treat children in this country this way,” Marsha Levick, the chief counsel of the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia said about locking up the juvenile with adults.

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  1. Already a murderer at such a young age? That’s what’s happens when parents leave their work for others to do. Too bad.

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