Man City To Give Mario Balotelli Another Chance
Mario Balotelli and Mancini

Roberto Mancini, the manager of Manchester City says he is prepared to give Mario Balotelli a second  chance if the striker “deserve it”

“Sure. I am his manager and, like the other players, if he deserves another chance I’ll give him another chance. But Mario now needs to deserve this,” Mancini said.

This week, Balotelli dropped his tribunal action against Man City after their issue was resolved in a “amicable” talks. Ballotelli laid the suit because he was given a two-week fine for missing 12 games he missed last session. The hearing was supposed to take place on Wednesday.

In Mancini’s view, the 22 year old player made right decision to drop the case against Man City.

Accoring to the 48 year-old manager, “This is an old situation and it is normal when someone does a mistake he should take his responsibilities and Mario did this. It’s normal.”

“He [should] respect himself, not me, because it’s important for him to respect himself, very important,” he added.


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