A 23-year-old Florida man beheaded his mother on New Year’s eve because she kept nagging him about chores, the American authorities and media reports on Thursday.

Christian Jose Gomez was arrested by the Florida police after his brother called the police on him for the gruesome murder of their mother, 48-year-old Maria Suarez-Cassagne whose lifeless and headless body was discovered near some garbage cans. The incident took place at their home in Tampa.

“He just left the body sitting there, next to the trash can, went into the garage, tried to clean up the scene a little bit,” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri told NBC News.

“When he saw that wouldn’t happen is when he left.”

Gomez, who is alleged to be schizophrenic and has a history of mental illness has been arrested and charged with first degree murder after admitting to killing his mother.

When asked why he killed his mother, he said it was because he was upset she kept on asking him to put some boxes in the attic. He also admitted to planning his mother’s murder for two days as he was mad at her for nagging him.

“Because he was mad at her … he planned her murder for two days,” Gualtieri old WFLA television.

Gomez killed her mother by hitting her on the head. He went ahead to severe her head from her body with an axe, then dumped her near the home’s garbage cans and tried to escape on a bicycle before police caught him. The murder weapon, an axe, was recovered.

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