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Red Gele Headgear: A Bold Fashion Accessory


If you don’t have a red gele headgear of planning to get one. This article and photos will inspire you. If you already have one and looking for more fashionable ways to coordinate it for your next outing, you’ll also get some great ideas to work with.

Red is a beautiful and bold colour that usually goes well with the skin tone of women of colour. When a red gele headgear is tied around the head, this piece of fashion accessory can make a bold statement in an African woman’s style. Especially since the gele head scarf is a fashion accessory that’s mostly worn to attend special events.

Since the gele headgear is rapidly becoming an essential part of Nigeria and other African women’a fashion accessory to wear to wedding ceremonies and other special events, choosing the right colour, size and style is very important.

To see how Nigerian women and other fashionista brides have been incorporating the red gele headgear into their outfit, we have put together some of the most fashionable red gele headgear. Take a look at them and get inspired for your next choice of a gele headgear.

Another popular and beautiful colour that goes well with dark skinned women is yellow. To see how women are rocking this colour of gele headgear and making bold fashion statements with it, check out this post.

Also, check out our special gele headgear article that features a comprehensive photo gallery of some of the most beautiful gele headgear worn by Nigerian women to attend weddings and other special events.

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