Pancakes are well-known across the world. Even though they are called by different names like flapjacks or crepes, the basic way to make a pancake remains the same. When it comes to making an American pancake, most of us love to eat it. However, if we are asked to do it, we immediately start stressing out big time.

Well, you need not stress any longer. Today, we will simplify the entire process for you. We will start by explaining the ingredients needed and then show you the step-by-step process on how to make American pancakes.

Let us start by listing out the ingredients we need to make American pancakes

Milk – Milk is one of the important ingredients. This helps add texture and taste to the pancake. It also helps make the pancake smooth. For this recipe, we will need 3/4th of a cup of milk. We can use low-fat or skimmed milk to make it healthier.

Baking Powder – Have you ever seen a pancake that is flat? Well the fluffy nature of the pancake is dependent on baking powder. It helps add volume and makes the pancake rise when cooking. For this recipe, we will need one tablespoon of baking powder.

Flour – Every kid knows that a pancake starts with the flour. To put it in layman’s terms, the flour is the “cement”. Without the flour, you will not be able to make the dough. For our recipe, we will need a hundred and fifty grams of flour. You can use whole-wheat flour instead of the normal one to make it healthier.

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Eggs – We see that most recipes have eggs as an integral ingredient. The reason is simple. Eggs act as a moistening agent and a binding agent. They help the flour to bind with all the other ingredients and become dough. For our pancakes, we will need one egg.

Salt and Sugar – The secret to any pancake is the balance of flavors. For this pancake, all you need is two and a half tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt. This will help balance out the recipe.

Now let us start making the pancakes. We have six easy steps to make these delicious treats.

1. Take a food processor and add the beating mechanism. Add your flour, baking powder, salt and sugar and start mixing it.

2. Next, start by first adding your milk in small quantities followed by your egg. This will ensure you have a nice smooth paste. Keep mixing till all the ingredients are fully combined.

3. Take a large round pan and heat it up. Add vegetable oil or butter into the pan. This is important to prevent the mixture from sticking to the pan.

4. Take a small amount (around a third) of the mixture and pour it into your hot pan. Do this carefully and spread it evenly all along the pan. Once one side of the pancake is golden in color, flip it with a spatula.

5. You will have to do this till you get a nice even color on both sides.

6. Finally, remove the pancake, add syrup or fruits to it, and enjoy.

As you can see, all you need to make American pancakes for your breakfast is six simple steps. Try it out and tell us how it turned out. We would love to hear from you. For more great and easy to follow pancakes recipes, please be sure to check out Femina’s website (in Danish pandekager Femina).


  1. Nice one. Will try to follow these step and see how my American pancake will come out.

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