While celebrities like Kim Kardashian with all her fame went through different stress to grab a vogue cover that she shared with her rapper and fashion designer husband, Kanye West, stars like Lupita Nyong’o gets it on a platter of gold.

The Mexican born actress is the cover girl of Vogue October edition, making it the second time she’s on the covering the world’s number one fashion magazine. In the accompanying editorial, the Twlve Years A Slave star and multiple award winning actress talked about Hollywood and fame, high fashion, family, and her four new acting projects.


“I didn’t know the power of couture until I tried on a couture dress. It made me cry,” she said about high fashion while talking to Plum Sykes.

On family, the 32-year-old Lupita Nyong’o talked about a very sad moment in her life when her father was locked up in detention, “scary, but I was at an age where you couldn’t fully understand what was happening.” She continued, the family “had to destroy a lot of his documents. I wasn’t allowed to go to school. We were basically locked up in the house. The curtains were shut all the time, and we were just burning papers.”


The Kenyan actress and People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman also talked about fame, as well as her four new acting projects which includes The Star Wars. You can read the full interview here.

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