When it comes to women and the size of their feet, some have them small while others have them long/large. Most boutique stock female shoes not above UK size 7.5, US size 10 or European size 41. For women whose shoe sizes are above these sizes, finding the right place to shop can be a lot of hassle. As a result, Long Feet Boutique, a UK-based shoe retailer, stock shoes for women with “Long Feet”, who find it difficult to get good looking feminine and special occasion shoes.

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Below are some popular women who have large feet and boutiques like Long Feet will be a perfect place for them to get the right shoe size without too much trouble.

Long Feet Boutique For Women With Large Feet

Billionaire and media mogul, Oprah Winfrey – US size 11

In 2010, Oprah chose more than 150 items from her closet to auction on eBay to benefit the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. Her collection included everything from a practical pair of patent wedges to lace-up metallic booties. Some of the shoes Oprah parted with were simply too small. For years, she was wearing the wrong size shoe! “I’ve since learned I wear a size 11, not 10,” Oprah says.

Long Feet Boutique For Women With Large Feet

The American first lady, Michelle Obama is another woman with large feet. The wife of the American president and mother of two girls is alleged to be a US size 11.5.

Long Feet Boutique For Women With Large Feet

Top American socialite, actress and star of the reality TV program, “The Simple Life”, Paris Hilton is said to be a US size 11.5. As such, she finds it difficult to find her shoe sizes and often go for customised pairs. Women like Paris Hilton will enjoy the services of a brand like Long Feet Boutique.

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