London Fashion Week: The Hottest Floral Prints

If you love the ankara African print fabric, you’ll love these beautiful and colourful floral prints by Ashish at the recently concluded London Fashion Week. The colours and designs are just fabulous and will look great on many women who loves ankara.

All the styles can also be made with the ankara African fabric and look as gracious as these ones. While we love the different pieces of clothes made with these colourful floral prints, we cannot say the say about the choice of used that were worn with the outfit. Most of the shoes have fresh flowers tucked in and around them, making the look creative but still weird.

Anyways, we’ll pretend the flowers were not there and just concentrate on the clothes. Below are more of some of the colourful floral print outfits that were showcased by Ashish at London Fashion Week 2011. Check them all out and see if there’s something for you. Also, you can get loads of inspiration for your own unique style by taking a good look at all of the styles. Good luck!!!

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London Fashion Week: The Hottest Floral Prints


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