Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash For Releasing ‘Blackface’ Photos



Kylie Jenner has been backlashed for releasing ‘Blackface’ Photos. The 17-year-old model and younger sister to Kim Kardashian is currently trending on Twitter and Instagram as she’s accused of ‘trying too hard to be black’.

In the photos that were taken by Marcelo Cantu and shared on Instagram by Kylie, her skin colour was shimmery metallic silver, her brown eyes became a shade of blue, while her hair was a blue-black and fuchsia color.

@BlvckConscious tweeted, “@Zendaya I need you to explain why you support Kylie Jenner’s decision to publicly display blackface.”

Another Twitter user, Amalinze with the handle @TheBlackHermit tweeted: “#IyanlaFixIt RT @MotleyMusings: MEANWHILE, @KylieJenner do you want to explain this mess or nah?!”

Nathan Zed with the user handle, @TheThirdPew tweeted: “Kylie Jenner will get lip injections, implants, airbrush to look darker, but in the end I KNOW this girl doesn’t want to actually be black.”

Another twitter user, Lemon Scented Towel tweeted from @sailornegro saying, “Kylie Jenner has proven us all right. “I wish I looked like this all the time” BLACK?? YOU WISH YOU LOOKED BLACK?? CAUSE WE’VE BEEN SAYING.”



Kylie took to Twitter and posted the tweets below;

kylie-tweets-2 kylie-tweets-3 kylie-tweets


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