A horrified student of Garissa University College was rescued two days after hiding in a closet to escape the horrific attack on her school. According to the Kenyan Red Cross, the 19-year-old was found dehydrated but apparently unharmed.

Cynthia Cheroitich who said her room mates that hid under the bed were ordered to come out told CNN of how the terrorists separated muslims from non muslims before killing them.

“They told my other roommates who had hidden themselves under the bed,” she told CNN. “They told them to go out. When they were outside now, they said if you don’t know how to read to them in the Muslim word, whatever, you lie down. And then if you know, you go to the other side.”

Cynthia said she covered herself with clothes while hiding in the wardrobe and drank body lotion because she had no access to water.

When she was found, Cynthia was too terrified to come out of hiding. She only believed it was safe to come out of hiding after the head of the university convinced her that it was finally over and safe to do so.

The horrible and bloody attack took the lives of 147 people.

Female at Garrissa University, Kenya, found hiding after 48 hours-2

Female at Garrissa University, Kenya, found hiding after 48 hours

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