According to an Inquisitr report, OJ Simpson has HIV and has only a few weeks to live. The report alleged that he contracted the deadly virus from a transsexual lover he had a relationship with jail. In the past, similar stories had been published about Simpson alleging he has a short time to live. But Simpson being alive has proven the stories to be false.

OJ Simpson became very famous during the murder trial of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson as well as waiter, Ronald Lyle Goldman as it was a high profile case that was televised by Court TV and other cable and network news outlets.

Before the high profile trial that had 11 lawyers representing Simpson in court and another 25 working behind the scene, OJ Simpson was a former professional football star and actor.

OJ Simpson is currently serving a 33 years prison term and has already been in prison for 6 years as he was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping

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