Italy: Turco Demand Human Rights of Deportees Must be Respected


Livia Turco, head of Democratic Party’s Immigration Department has expressed outrage and dismay at news that last Tuesday two Tunisians were forcefully deported from Italy under very inhuman conditions.

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On board Alitalia flight from Rome to Tunis, police officers restrained the immigrants using nylon handcuffs and duct taped their mouths.

Even though deportations are necessary, Ms. Turco said they must be carried out by respecting the human rights of deportees without violating the dignity of immigrants being deported.

It is unacceptable that what happened to the Tunisians is a normal practice as claimed by police officers carrying out the deportation, Ms. Turco said.

She added that they’ll ask the Minister of Home Affairs to clarify the matter “which to us is serious and not worthy of a democratic country.”

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