Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for Friday night’s attacks on Paris and has threatened to carry out further attacks against France. According to the group, France is their ‘key target’ and the attacks were a retaliation for its bombing in Syria. The claims were made in a statement that was released by the group.
Official statement from the French authorities says about 127 people were killed during the horrific attack. Over 200 more were injured, 99 critically.

Three of the attackers are believed to have lived in Brussels. Police have raided their neighbourhood and made some arrests. One is a 30-year-old French national, another is from Egypt. There was also a Syrian among the attackers. It is reported the Syrian attacker is a refugee who entered Europe through Greece.

French President Hollande has said the attacks were an “act of war … prepared and planned elsewhere, with outside involvement which this investigation will seek to establish”. He added that France will be “ruthless in its response” and declared three days of national mourning.

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